Our Toolbox

Here you’ll find technical information, brochures, application forms and other materials to assist you in working with EnergySmart Grocer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at 888.683.0483.

Incentive information

EnergySmart Grocer offers incentives for a variety of efficiency upgrades in the following areas:


For the average grocery store, refrigeration accounts for roughly 60 percent of total electricity use. We provide proven solutions to keep refrigeration costs down.

  • Refrigeration Controls — Cut refrigeration costs and achieve maximum efficiency with Floating Head Pressure and Floating Suction Pressure Controls.
  • Efficient Motor (ECM) — ECMs deliver efficiency rates of more than 60 percent, so they consume significantly less energy than standard shaded pole motors, and produce minimal waste heat.
  • Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Control — Provides significant energy savings by cycling down anti-sweat heaters proportionally when the indoor relative humidity is low enough.


High-efficiency lighting not only drives down energy costs, it also improves the appearance of your store.

  • LED Case Lighting — Save energy and money with LED lighting for reach-in and multi-deck cases
  • General Lighting — Replacing T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts with energy-efficient electronic ballasts and T8 fluorescents is an easy upgrade that offers serious savings.

Food Service

We offer incentives for commercial food service equipment that will significantly reduce your energy use in this area.